I love to read those ‘Palms.’

Paul Borg

Literature Evangelist Tasmanian Conference

Joe Paola

I had just finished doing my deliveries and visiting some of my contacts. Having still a little more time in the day, I asked The Lord where he would like me to go. A strong impression came into my mind do go down a particular street.

The second door I knocked on, Emma invited me in. She loved our Encyclopedia of Foods and Medicinal Plants volumes and placed an order for them. When I pulled the Family Bible out from my bag, with excitement and holding the Bible in her hands, Emma said, “I loved to read the palms a long time ago.” (Emma really meant Psalms) I chuckled to myself and said “I love to read the ‘Palms’ also”.

Emma also purchased the Family Bible and said just before I left, “I can’t wait to read those Palms.”

What joy I had in visiting with Emma. To think that after many years she now has a bible again in her home! Thankyou God for leading me to Emma’s home.

Paul Borg