“If you’re trying to sell anything, don’t bother knocking.”

Joe Paola

LE Team leader, Victoria and Tasmanian Conferences.    


Joe Paola

I don’t normally knock on doors with Do not knock stickers, but this sign was different. It was not your usual ‘official’ sticker and anyway I was prepared to risk a very heavy fine.

Gwen* opened the door, “How are you coping with the hot weather?” I asked. Gwen replied and then I asked her how the garden was coping. A very keen gardener, she began to tell me about her garden. Gwen is a beautiful very open and honest hearted lady with quite a few health issues. After a little while Gwen invited me in and I was introduced to her husband Gavin. It wasn’t long before Gavin too began to share some of the challenges he has faced over the years. I listened and was very moved by their story.

Presenting our Healing Power of Foods, Medicinal Plants and Family bible, both were impressed with the value of our work and paid cash for the series. A religious discussion opened up. God had moved on their heart and they were now open to receive His end-time message. I also left them with a copy of the book, The Great Controversy. “This volume reveals the ultimate plan of God for humanity. It has been in print for 100 years, containing the story of the past, present and future. It has brought comfort, inspiration and hope to many people, and will give you a little more detail on what we have been discussing.” They gladly accepted the gift.

Joe Paola

Before leaving I asked if I could pray for them. They were happy for me to pray and after the prayer I noticed by the tear in their eyes, that God had once again moved on their hearts.

Thank you God for another victory.