I’ll Read it Tonight

Paul Borg

Literature Evangelist Tasmanian Conference.

Joe Paola

Mia (Name changed) invited me in.  After a short chat, I demonstrated our Foods and plants health books, however Mia was not convinced on how she could use them in the home. I then proceeded to show our book, Today Tomorrow and You(TTY). Mia was interested and began to tell me how she had ‘An out of body experience’.

In the late 1980’s Mia was taken to hospital, post a heart attack, in which she stated that she “died when waiting in the hospital room, on her way to the emergency ward”. She said she could see herself in the bed being pushed around the hallways by the doctors and nurses. As she got further away from the bed she was being drawn towards a “bright golden light” and as she got closer a voice told her “go back”. As a result, Mia, as she told me, is still with us today.

Turning to the chapter What happens when someone dies?further excited her interest and she decided to purchase our book, “I can’t wait to read it! I’ll read it tonight.”

Mia then proceeded to tell me about her sister’s husband. When he died he was cremated and his ashes were put in a vase on the mantle shelf. One day her sister noticed that the vase was fuller than usual and said to her husband, “You’re getting too fat!” She latter noticed there were cigarette butts a little lower into the vase. Someone had been dropping cigarette ashes into the vase!!! We had a great laugh and a prayer together before leaving.

Please pray for this lovely lady as she reads our God inspired book to better understand the bible and develops a saving relationship with Christ our Saviour.