In the Doctor’s Waiting Rooms

Geoff and Sylvia Wall

Literature Evangelists Victorian Conference

Joe Paola

Our aim today was to place our display volumes in many Doctors and Dentists waiting rooms. While waiting, many patients pick up our books and read them. Others will send off the information card that we place in a pocket inside the books, opening the way for us to contact them.

With prayer and a positive attitude, we set out, knowing that the Holy Spirit of God was working in all we presented, said and did. And what a day we had! Only two surgeries said no. The rest were so pleased with the books and were very happy to have them in their waiting rooms.

One particular Dentist who was at the reception desk when we came in, inspected each book with enthusiasm. Looking at our Sammybook, Great Stories for Kids, Family Medical Careand The Bible Story, he said, “These are great! I have been looking for good health books for the children.”He then took us to his book case showing us only three little books that had met with his approval.He also added, “There is too much television and rubbish these days.”

We agreed and once again thanked him for his time and look forward to seeing him when we return to service the books in 3 weeks.

The books that we have placed in these new sites will now do their work. A witness to all that read them, glory and honour to God and His dear Son.

Geoff and Sylvia Wall