Incentive Stock



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Important notes

  • The incentive items can be accessed on hopeshop under the “partners” tab in subsection “incentive stock”. Or an LE can use the LEIS item code from the Incentive stock list.
  • You can use the Incentive Stock order calculator to help you work out what items you can order with your allowable credit. PLEASE NOTE! The calculator is just a tool and you still need to place your order on Hopeshop.
  • You will need to use your unique codes. We cannot fulfil orders without this information. Please note this unique code WILL change each month.
  • Please remember that you can only place one incentive stock order each month.
  • You cannot mix incentive stock with regular stock – the incentive order must be a completely separate order.
  • Incentive stock credits MUST be used by the 5th of the following month.
  • Any unused incentive credit cannot be used the following month.

Remember to report weekly if possible, as best practice, and if not report monthly by the 2nd of the month to qualify for a bonus 18% incentive