Holistic Health Bundle Canvass 2020


Family Lifestyle Series Canvass 2020


Here is the new Holistic Health bundle canvass and the new Family Lifestyle Series canvass for regular LEs. 

Please take the opportunity to look over the canvasses and take note in the section where there are statistics we have included for both Australia and New Zealand. Please use the statistics for the country that you are in.

Either canvass approach will work, but I would encourage LEs to use the Holistic Health bundle for greater reach and upsell when you meet families.  Closing on the smaller Holistic Health bundle for around $300 creates more opportunities for successfully closing a sale.

In order to offer the upsell option for families, it’s good practice to also carry samples of the Children’s heath books, as per the full Family Lifestyle Series canvass, so that you can give the upsell option for families.

Holistic Health Bundle:  Foods and Healing Power, Healthy Juices, Today, Tomorrow & You, Less Stress

Family Lifestyle Series:  (HHB) Foods and Healing Power, Healthy Juices, Today, Tomorrow & You, Less Stress + (CHB) Live More Happy, Cooling Down Teen Stress, VFG/Teen Girl, EGC, Sammy Series 1-8 & DVD.

If learning the canvass for the first time, commit a paragraph to memory each week using the best way that you learn.  Also open to the pages in the book referenced and you will often find pictures or quotes referred to in the canvass which you can use as a prompt or read to the prospect.

To build excitement in the whole bundle quickly touch on a different point that interests prospect from each book and close while you still have their interest.  Don’t oversell!  Buy the books, read the books, connect well and trust the canvass process.  Let God do the rest!