Literature Evangelists in Devonport/Ulverstone

27th March – 1st April 2017

Sylvia Wall
Literature Evangelist Victorian Conference.

Joe Paola

Neil (all names changed) introduced me to his wife Belinda and then left to meet with some friends who he had not seen for many years.

On presenting the Healing power of Foods and Medicinal Plants volumes, Belinda told me her problem was IBS and knowing this is caused by a lot by stress, I asked her if there was anything specific that was worrying her. To my surprise, Belinda broke out in tears, “Yes. I was abused as a child by my Father.” I comforted her as best I could, and with my arm around her I said, “Unless a person has been through a similar situation, there is no way they can understand the pain that you have been through.”

We chatted and I knew she needed to talk and get this out to give her peace of mind if only for a little while. She went on to share that she and her little sister and a cousin were all abused by the father. She said that people say, “Why did you leave it so long to say anything?” Looking at me she continued, “But I did. I went to my mother and told her. Her response was, “You are lying!” Can you imagine the hurt Belinda must have felt?  The rejection, and then the reasoning that if mum does not believe me no-one else will.

Belinda shared a lot of what happened with me, but it’s so graphic that I cannot write it. She also explained that her cousin has since committed suicide because he just could not live with it.

Belinda said  I agreed and I said that was an enormous step to take and that time. Love and understanding would be the only things that would be able to ease the pain. Knowing that Jesus Christ was our best healer, I asked, “Do you have faith in Jesus?” Surprised again, her arms flew up in the air and I got quite a fright.  I’ve never had such a reaction. She said,” Yes! I could not have got through with out Him.”  What a blessing to know she was leaning on Jesus Christ and our heavenly father each and every day to see her through.

Belinda accepted our Beyond DVDs and will now be visited by our church members. She was also happy to take copies of the books, The Great Controversy and Steps to Christ. I shared a heart felt and compassionate prayer with her before leaving.