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Jump Start is a very quick way to become an LE. Its similar to the big book program but it suits people who want to be an LE on a part-time basis. Jump Start is available in Australia and New Zealand.


The Jump Start Program is available in Australia and New Zealand

What is involved?

  • Visiting people at their homes
  • At-the-door presentation of a select range of books (nutrition, depression, recipe books, spirituality and children’s books)
  • You do not need to go into their home
  • Follow up on interests – build friendships
  • On average, 3-4 people per day will be interested in more than just the book. You can either follow up on their questions or refer them to the local church
  • Work with your local JumpStart leader to receive training and support
  • Do I need to memorise a canvass?
    Yes. A short paragraph canvass is written for each book that you sell. Often the Holy Spirit directs our words and gives us the right words to say, but beginners must memorise a short canvass before being taken to the door by their leader.
  • If I have any questions or concerns, who can I ask for help?
    Along with our national Jump Start leader, almost every state in Australia has a Jump Start Leader who is there to help and support you. We are always happy to receive your phone calls or emails should you have any questions about your work. There is always ongoing training and mentoring being offered to help improve your skills.

Business details

  • How many hours each week do I have to work as a Jump Start Literature Evangelist?
    We recommend that each Jump Start Literature Evangelist commit to about 10 hours per week. Some work more than this, and some work less. Each Jump Start Literature Evangelist works with and for Jesus, and not for any Conference Leader or Team Leader.
  • What are the ‘start-up costs’ to join the Jump Start Literature Evangelist team?
    A few sets of books, canvassing bag, change wallet, stationary and trainee ID lanyard costs $250 (excluding postage and handling). Also, yearly Public Liability Insurance costs $160, payable to Publishing Ministries Department. Costs may vary, check with you local Jump Start Leader.
  • How often and why do I need to report my Literature Evangelism activities?
    Each Friday you will be required to email a brief report of sales, hours worked, books sold etc to the Australian Jump Start Team Leader and cc your Jump Start Conference Leader. The reason for this is, that we can provide pooled statistics to the South Pacific Division Publishing Ministries Department, so the world SDA Church can get an accurate picture of the good work that is being done by LE’s.
  • JumpStart is not designed for you to make a living from. If you like to make Literature Evangelism your career, then join the Big Book program.
  • How do I get paid?
    Books can be purchased directly from Signs Publishing Company and sold by you. You get to keep all the money that you earn while selling books.
  • What happens if a customer at the door wants to pay by credit card?
    The Australian Jump Start Team Leader can process the credit card sales on your behalf, if you email all the relevant information to him.
  • What kinds of books do I sell?
    A selection of health books and spiritual books. We carry excellent resources to help people with their physical, mental and spiritual health.

The Jump Start program is ideal for people who are:

  • Students, retirees or part-time workers
  • Business owners, shift-workers or professionals who can be flexible in their current job and want to contribute some time to reaching out people
  • Who desire to step out of their comfort zone and grow their faith in Jesus
  • Who like to make new friends, build relationships
  • Who desire to share Jesus in the community.

How you can be a vital connection in a person’s life

There is a lot of good information out there to help people live healthy and happy lives but the problem is that many people lack the motivation to get it and use it. Loneliness, depression and sickness are key blockers that prevent people from taking a positive step in their life.

Your knock on their door could be:
1. The means of connecting them with the life-saving information they desperately need
2, The opportunity for a person to break free from whatever is blocking them and step into a new life-changing direction
their invitation to accept Jesus as their personal Saviour.

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