Leah’s Story

Anna Schlegel

Literature Evangelist Victorian Conference.

Joe Paola

After the fourth attempt to find Leah home and available for a demo, she warmly welcomed me into her home. Twice, she had been settling her toddler son for his late morning nap. In between a late breakfast and his keen efforts to gain her attention we chatted through the canvass. Leah was impressed with all the books, but it wasn’t till I pulled out the Bible that her face lit up. She spoke of her love for the Word and how she read it every morning but still hesitated to proceed with a purchase.

It was then that I pulled out the Bible Story series. Barely glancing through the first volume, she wanted to make sure it was accurately based on the Bible which I could wholeheartedly confirm. She insisted on purchasing the whole set. I introduced her to Today, Tomorrow andYouand before I had finished speaking she added it to the Bible Story books. Then the Revive cookbook as she was trying to cook healthy meals for the family and finally, Depression, as a gift for her sister.

I added a complimentary copy of the illustrated Steps to Christwhich she accepted gladly but reassured me that she has made a vow, that no book will take precedence over reading the Bible. After commending her faithful position in regard to Scriptures I reassured her, that reading small excerpts from this book would only enhance her study as it was full of references to the Bible.

On finalizing all the paperwork, and a prayer that God would bless Leah’s efforts as a parent and reward her faithfulness in studying His Word, we looked up to see where her son had gone – it was unusually quiet. We found him in bed. He had fallen asleep without any ado. Surprised and relieved she prepared to take on the housework. Having seen Leah’s efforts to put her son to bed previously I breathed a silent prayer of thanksgiving knowing God had intervened in a special way. I believe she knew it too.

Anna Schlegel