Literature Evangelists at Victorian Camp 2018

Geoff and Sylvia Wall.

Literature Evangelists Victorian Conference.


Joe Paola

Our annual convention, commonly known as Big Camp, was a blessing to all. Held again over the Easter weekend at Elmore Events Centre Rosaia Road Elmore, it brought us together from all corners of our conference. Not only was it a time of individual spiritual growth, but also a time to grow as a church family united in Christ.

Our LE display was well attended with many campers purchasing literature to share with their non-Adventist friends.

We were also able to promote Literature Ministry to our camp audience and our God moment LE stories were inspiring.

Many campers said that they appreciate the work that we do and are praying for us as we minister on the front line. It was a pleasure to see the tremendous interest given as to how and what we present to the community by our church members.