Literature Evangelists in Exeter Tasmania

Sherrilee Fish

Literature Evangelist Tasmanian Conference

Sunday morning 29th October we were very privileged to do a Pop-up book shop at the Exeter Family Show. The amount of miracles that took place for us to be there helped me realize that we had a divine appointment.

The banners and tablecloth were sent on Monday and arrived on Friday
The stock order I made late on Tuesday afternoon, arrived ready for collection at my local post office (which is in the middle of the sticks) arrived on Friday.
I was unable to book a table via the internet and phoned my contact regarding who said she would organize me a spot. God just continued opening doors. I am so grateful to Him for His faithfulness and love!

Some special moments were, giving a Great Controversy to a father and son who were very keen to read it. They also took a Hacksaw Ridge. Another man passed us 2 or 3 times before stopping and finally left with 2 books.
A lady was very impressed with Food as Medicine volume and took that home.

I pray that God will direct his angels to encourage these individuals to read their books.


Sherrilee Fish