Literature Evangelists in Colac.

13th – 16th February 2018

Joe Paola

Literature Evangelist Team Leader Victoria & Tasmania Conferences.


Joe Paola

Colac is a small city in the Western District of Victoria. It is approximately 150 kilometres south-west of Melbourne on the southern shore of Lake Colac and the surrounding volcanic plains. With only a small number of Seventh Day Adventists worshipping at our church there each Sabbath, Pastors Ben Townson and Gavin Rowe invited four Literature Evangelists to help further spread the gospel in the Colac community, find people in need and connect them to their local SDA church.

With God working beside us, and the support of many faithful praying church members, we had 49 people accept the various church programs that we offered. These will be personally visited by Pastor Ben and his team.

Mandy and Brett* are planning on marrying later this year. They loved our books and placed their order. Mandy at one time studied the bible with the Jehovah’s Witnesses, but there were things she did not agree with and latter stopped. When offered to once again study the bible, Mandy accepted.

Casey is a young lady that has just broken her addiction to the drug, ICE. She has a belief in God and heaven and was excited when she showed her small bible that a friend had given her a while back. Casey was very interested in attending our health program and also to learn more about bible prophecy.

Late in the afternoon Peter noticed Gary walking in his driveway. He was wearing a large pair of silver headphones. The next morning he visited the home and was greeted by a spritely 93 year old Gary. They discussed good health and Gary happily purchased a set of Medicinal Plant books. His wife was very happy with a Steps to Christ and Great Controversy. Before parting Peter prayed for them.

Jane was limping to the door. Sylvia could see the pain in her face. Suffering from depression, high blood pressure and is in need of two major operations. When Sylvia asked, “How on earth do you cope?” Jane just raised her hand with one finger pointing upwards to heaven. A conversation on the love of God for humanity opened up and Jane accepted a copy of the book, The Great Controversy.

A sad forlorn face met Geoff and soon this young woman was pouring out her heart, home violence, drugs, ice, homelessness and ill health. They sat on the doorstep and talked. After ordering the book, Today Tomorrow and You, she accepted to attend one of our community programs. Geoff prayed for her and gave her a copy of The Great Controversy. She cuddled her new prized possession and as Geoff was leaving, with a beaming smile she said, “No one has ever prayed for me.”

We thank our God for the opportunity to partner with Geelong and Colac church members. Please pray for the 49 contacts that we have left in their care.

*All Names changed.

Joe Paola