Literature Evangelists in Devonport/Ulverstone

27th March – 1st April 2017

Joe Paola

Literature Evangelist Team Leader
Victoria & Tasmanian Conference

Joe Paola

The ministry of our faithful prayer warriors from Devonport and Ulverstone in Tasmania made a difference! When people pray, God hears and great things happen. Eight Literature Evangelists, 5 from Victoria and 3 Tasmanians, truly sensed God working with them as they visited many of the homes in both Devonport and Ulverstone. After a week of door knocking, just over $5,000 of Adventist literature was ordered, 659 pieces of free literature was given away, 71 prayers were offered in homes and 84 people accepted to watch our Beyond DVDs. These will now be visited by Devonport and Ulverstone church members.

Approaching a home Geoff Wall was greeted with the words, “Don’t open the gate and don’t come in!” as two pitbull terriers came bounding toward him. “I’m not interested, but my dad might be!” The man yelled out. He called his father over and he was keen to listen. “I’m 72 years old,” He said. Geoff, being 76, then addressed him as ‘Young man’ and soon an opening was given to introduce the Beyond DVDs. ‘Young Tim’ accepted the DVD and said that he was looking forward to watching it. He also happily accepted a copy of the book, Steps to Christ.

LE Sandy visited Colin, a strong, elderly Dutch gentleman who has done plumbing repairs at Ulverstone Church, and knows some local SDA members who he holds in high regard. Colin’s siblings have been mixed up in other religions in the past and all have been left confused. This meeting gave one simple opportunity to share Julian Archer’s small book, The History of Tomorrow with prayer that Colin will open his kind heart to God’s word.

Sharon answered the door clad only in a dressing gown and bare feet. Peter Smith presented the Beyond DVDs Sharon’s face lit up. Only that morning over breakfast she had been discussing the bible with her daughter. Raised a Catholic, she turned to Wikka (Witchcraft) and then back to Catholicism. Peter opened the bible and shared some passages. They prayed together and Sharon was happy to watch our Beyond DVDs and accepted a copy of Steps to Christ. Latter in the day Peter dropped off a copy of The Great controversy because she loves history and Bible.

Sally is a single mum with 3 children. Suffering with depression and anxiety she saw the value of the health books that Sylva was presenting and placed her order. Sally and her children attend Sunday school and were interested to watch the Beyond DVDs. Sylvia prayed with them before leaving and was thankful to God for being able to help Sally and to leave her as a contact for our church members to visit.

A young mother invited Rosie Ansell into her home. She ordered the books, Foods and their healing Power and said, “My mum died of cancer. She was only cleared from cervical cancer for a week, when she was found to have lung cancer and she never smoked.” She realizes the importance of good health and is looking forward to receiving her books, especially the 3rd volume with the healthy recipes.

Greg and Greta live behind a church. As Paul ministered to them they were very open and they shared how they love to sit and listen to the church choir singing. The prayer that Paul offered in their home was appreciated and they agreed to view the Beyond DVDs.

Wendy Orr and I were invited into Sue’s home. Her neighbour Elizabeth was visiting at the same time. Both were impressed with the health message that was presented and purchased our books. Sharing further, opportunity opened to share our testimonies and pray with them. There home is now open for further visits. Next door to Elizabeth we met Raymond. He had practically given up on life. By the end of the visit he was happy and cheerful. His home too is open for further visitation.

Maria is a lovely Filipino lady that lost her husband last year. Her parents are SDAs back in her home country. She was raised an SDA but is no longer attending church. Maria was moved by the prayer that I offered in her home and accepted to view our Beyond DVDs.

Patrick is a very intelligent man with an excellent knowledge of health. He used to attend the assembly of God church but said that he left because of their unbiblical teachings. He was also a member of a Christian motor cycle club. He loves to watch a SDA health program on his satellite TV. In fact it wasn’t long into my visit that he worked out that I am a SDA. He is well aware of the many studies that have been conducted on SDAs and how we live longer than the general public. He accepted too accepted to view our DVDs.

Mona’s husband died with cancer and in the weeks before he died, Mona read to him from the bible. She is not connected to any church. She asked me what the name SDA means and I explained. After the explanation she said, “I need to come to your church.” Mona was moved by the prayer that I prayed in her home and will also be followed up with further church member visitation.

We praise our God for the help we received as we visited the Devonport and Ulverstone homes. Special thanks to all the church members that prayed for us, cooked for us and also supplied cars for us to travel in. Thank you Pr Robbie, Pr Gary Webster and Tassie conference for your tremendous support.