Literature Evangelists in Hobart

18 -23 Sept 2017

Joe Paola

Literature Evangelist Team Leader
Victoria & Tasmanian Conference

Joe Paola

Eight Literature Evangelists worked within a radius of about 7 Kms from the Glenorchy SDA church in Hobart Tasmania. After 5 days of visiting the homes in the community, 105 people will now be followed up by members of our Hobart SDA churches.

A total of $3,129 worth of orders were taken up with another $822 purchased by church members. We prayed in 83 homes, gave out 923 pieces of free literature, placed 129 message books in homes, (Great Controversy and Steps to Christ.) contacted 3 former SDAs and gave 9 bible studies.

God’s Spirit was continually working on hearts as we visited from home to home. A young Buddhist lady from Nepal showed interest in our health literature and was also open to learning more about Christianity. When our Community Interest Survey was presented, she ticked the box, “I would like to study the bible.”

Another young person, this time from Africa felt the Spirit of God tugging on his heart and he too indicated that he wanted to study the bible.

An honest, open hearted and sincere young lady from China was very interested to know what the name, “Seventh Day Adventist” means – What an opportunity to share two of the bible’s great teachings!

A professional kick boxer shared how much he misses his wife and family, and how he longs to have them migrate to Australia. He ticked the box, “I would like someone to pray for me.”

Looking back over the week we rejoice in the fact that our God worked along side each of us and was the moving force that made our week a success. Another victory for you God!

Thank you to all our church family in Glenorchy for the support that you gave in providing meals, accommodation, and prayers.

Sabbath with Collinsvale Church members. LEs, Paul Borg Geoff & Sylvia Wall.