Literature Evangelists in New Norfolk February 18-23 2019

Joe Paola

Literature Evangelist Team Leader
Victoria & Tasmanian Conference

Joe Paola

When Gary opened the door to Literature Evangelist Franco Olak, it wasn’t long before the opportunity arose to show the book, The Great Controversy. Franco explained how it covers topics like the French revolution, Protestant reformation, history of the Christian Church and also the state of the dead. Gary then shared how at one time an angel appeared to him and it prompted Franco to ask if they could have a bible study. Gary agreed. During the study a couple of Mormons knocked on the door resulting in them too joining the study. All were convicted by the truth of God and each received a Great Controversy. On Sabbath Gary came to Rosny SDA church to hear Franco preach and he is now interested in studying our Adventist beliefs.

A teenage boy and his teenage sister answered the door. They are both keen readers, and the young girl expressed interest in dark supernatural things. LE Andrew Kochanski expressed caution and showed them The Great Controversy. Just then, the father arrived home from work. Andrew canvassed him and he gave his approval for his children to get a book

Gary with LE Franco LTR

each ‘for a donation of any amount.’ Just before the children went to get their donations, the mother arrived home, and as she passed them, he noticed a really thick book in the top of her handbag. She also gave her approval for her children to get the books. Notice how ‘reverently’ the boy is holding The Great Controversy.

Donna (name changed) invited LEs Willa Brough and her husband Ian into her premises and was soon sharing her life story. Donna had a troubled childhood and had suffered tragedy with her house recently being seriously damaged by fire. In addition, she was concerned for her partner’s health. Donna was happy to receive books to deal with her depression and to help her on her spiritual journey. She also completed our community survey indicating her interest in a variety of programs and her desire to undertake Bible studies. They concluded their visit with prayer and returned later in the day to deliver her books. That night Donna texted to say that she had started reading the books already!

Brenda (name changed) started to cry and ask questions about God, “Why has He let me go through so much? Why do others suffer? Why are my prayers not being answered?” Paul Borg canvassed the book, Today Tomorrow and You which contains the answers to the very questions that Brenda was asking and she did not hesitate to purchase. Before leaving Paul offered prayer in her home. After the prayer, he noticed Brenda wiping the tears away from her eyes!

A young lady had just recently broken up with her partner and was hurting. Opening up, she shared her sad story while I listened. A mother with 2 young children, she saw the value of our books, Foods and their Healing power,Medicinal Plants and was very happy to purchase. Before leaving I offered prayer. God’s Spirit had moved on her heart, “No one has ever prayed for me!” Another lady had just come home when I arrived on her doorstep. God’s timing was perfect again! “I lost my faith when my father died.” Listening to her story, I felt compassion for this beautiful woman and knew that God had orchestrated our meeting. As we were sharing, I sensed that her heart was opening to the truth about the character of God and her faith was being restored. She gave me a very generous donation for The Great Controversy.

Looking back over the week we can confidently say that God was working with us. We praise Him for the $2,566 worth of book orders/deliveries, 1,173 free pieces of literature, 11 bible studies, 50 prayers, and the 64 homes that will be followed up by church members/Pastors.

Thank you, Pr Gary Webster, (Tasmanian Conference President) for your invitation to come and partner with you and your team. Big thank you to all our Hobart Pastors/church members for your support, accommodation and meals.

Joe Paola

Literature Evangelist Team Leader Victorian and Tasmanian Conferences.

Above Photo LTR Joe Paola, Ian Brough, Franco Olak, Paul Borg, Nanise Brown, Pr Mark Falconer, Pr Eugene Estil, Peter Smith, Andrew Kochanski, Willa Brough, LE Interest Patrick, Donna Van Der Jagt.