Literature Evangelists serving in the Sunbury community.

Joe Paola.

LE Team Leader Vic/Tas Conferences.


Joe Paola

After a time of worship and prayer with Graham McNichol, minister of Macedon Ranges & Castlemaine churches, we headed out knowing that we would be a blessing to many in the Sunbury community.

Moved by God’s Spirit Geoff was led to the home of a young lady who described herself as ‘broken.’ About to be made homeless, she was bitter and hurting. There on her doorstep Geoff asked, “Can I pray for you and with you?” “No!” was her strong reply. “My family is religious and are trying to force their ‘so called Christianity’ on to me.” After sharing more of her pain and deep depression, Geoff asked again, “May I pray for you?” This time the reply was positive. As Geoff was praying he heard the door sound as if it was closing and she was locking the latch, but to his joy Geoff felt her hand come out and very firmly clasp his hand. She held on with a tightness of someone that had just found hope, strength and assurance in the words that were being prayed.

A young man shared his story and Sylvia listened. He lost his grandfather, who he was very close with, and in that same week his grandmother also passed away when she slipped in the shower. Then soon after that his best mate who was suffering with depression committed suicide. Sylvia shared with him the beautiful ‘Footprints’ poem and said that God was there with him carrying him through that terrible time. He agreed. This young man will now be contacted by our local church.

Leah Smith was excited to visit homes with her father Peter. Despite some slow moments in the morning, the afternoon made up for it. The highlight being when one gentleman ticked the boxes, “I would like to study the bible” and “I would like to receive a copy of the bible” in our community interest survey.

Meeting Daniel (name changed) was a God moment. He was working from home and I only had a few moments to connect. Our small health book, You Turn caught his interest and he gave a good donation. Sensing that he wanted more I quickly took out the book, Enjoy it from my bag. Seeing the quality and information contained, he gave me his credit card. Daniel shared how he has just lost 12 kilos and wants to continue to lose more. “What else do you have?” God had opened the way to present our main volumes, Foods and their Healing Power, Medicinal Plants and Family bible. Once again, he used his credit card for the Foods and Plants volumes and then regarding the bible he shared how he and his wife once went to see a Clairvoyant and explained how he was given a message from his dead auntie. Daniel was open to receive the truth and I shared the danger of communicating with the ‘so called dead.’ I canvassed the book, The Great Controversy, and being a reader, he promised he would read the book, particularly the chapter, ‘Can the dead speak to us?’ Before leaving, I prayed with Daniel. He also ticked the box, “I would like to study the bible” in our survey.

What a privilege to serve in the Sunbury community. Please pray for the 9 contacts that will now be followed up by Graham and the Macedon Ranges SDA church.

Joe Paola