LTR Franco Olak Victorian Jump Start LE Leader

Joe Paola

Literature Evangelist Team Leader Victoria and Tasmanian Conferences

Joe Paola

A quick lunch at a Vegan take-away and out on the doors we went.

Our God was with us as we talked, ate, prayed and canvassed together. Truly in unity and love there is strength, growth and the moving of God’s Spirit on hearts.

Books were sold and given away, prayers were prayed, testimonies shared, hope and encouragement was spread to all. Many lives were touched by our visits and people will be saved for eternity.

Bobby, a young man from Afghanistan was warm and welcoming. He suffered for many years under the cloud of depression. He was moved to tears by the prayer that was offered and is keen to read the book, The Great Controversy.

A Burmese lady was visiting a friend. God had led her from another suburb to meet His servant LE to receive a copy of inspired volume, The Great Controversy and a Signs magazine. Recognizing the Signs magazine she said, “I know a SDA family and I’m looking forward to reading these.”

A beautiful happy natured young lady that has her husband that is consumed and ‘possessed’ with work gladly paid for the book on Depression. She too accepted the GC and a Signs magazine.

Another asked, “Which church puts these out?” When the answer, “Seventh Day Adventist Church” was given, excitedly he said, “Back home in the Philippines I have SDA relatives. I’ll read these.”

A young man with two children has family members with diabetes. Concerned about the risk factor that he faces, he was encouraged to purchase our health books and make health a priority in his home. The book, Great Controversy and a couple of Signs magazines were also placed in his home.

Australian Jump Start LE Leader Andrew said, “…every street has someone whom Jesus is calling.”

Joe Paola