Joe Paola

Literature Evangelist Team Leader Vic/Tas Conferences.

Joe Paola

Mary is a most gracious and hospitable lady, and it was my pleasure to meet this beautiful Moslem woman today.

I was referred to see Mary by one of her neighbours and as soon as the door opened I was given a hearty welcome. My very first words to Mary were, “Mary is also my wife’s name.” Mary smiled and said that it is a very common name and in no time a conversation developed. Within a few minutes I was invited in.

Mary quickly saw the value of our health collection and placed her order, and then shared a little about her faith. She explained how it was her faith in God that helped her through when her husband left her for another woman. She also shared how God has helped her to raise her children on her own, and how her hardships have helped to make her a stronger person.  Her testimony then led our conversation to recall the story of Joseph. His brothers did an evil thing to him, but God latter worked it out for the good and Joseph was able to save many from famine. All things do work together for our good if we will only be patient and let God work.

Mary appreciated my visit and gave me the name and address of one of her friends who has a son in jail and a teenage girl that is going through a very difficult time, “My friend will be very happy to see you. She is a good woman and goes to church every Sunday.”

I prayed for Mary and her children before leaving, and I am looking forward to my next visit with her.

Joe Paola