Sandy Wallis

Literature Evangelist
Victorian Conference

This morning I prayed asking for God’s direction for the suburb to work in… and would normally have alternated to a different suburb but a thought came – “Go back to Hill Street”.

Ariving at a house a lady resident looked at me with a quizzical expression when I introduced myself with our health approach. I noticed she appeared to be surprised and possibly expecting someone, but I accepted her welcome.
“My husband is not well”. Sharon is a beautiful lady in her 40s, and of Aboriginal descent; she was relaxed and welcomed my discussion. On page 2 of the canvass, entitled “… happy & healthy lifestyle”, Sharon commented, “We were just saying that when you knocked on the door!”
Her husband Simon joined us, and shared his battle with cigarettes, and other challenges. What a sincere & honest couple. Sharon and I laughed realizing we both knew her boss; she also shared about her concern for her 2 older teens. Enthralled with our books, she commented “This is wonderful; this is just as if you were meant to be here today! I only came home early today because Simon isn’t well.”
At length, we shared our trust in God, and she keenly accepted Today Tomorrow & You with her purchases. When I shared that I pray each morning to sincerely ask for God’s direction in my day, Sharon was amazed. She recognized the picture of the older blue “The Bible Story” set, and explained that her parents were pastors to Aboriginal communities, and that her mum still has the set of blue books, and they were one of the few things that remain sincerely prized to this day.
Simon quietly shared his despair at the problems facing the world and his children’s future, so in closing I pulled out Great Hope and quickly realized that Sharon was more of a reader, and explained the alternate larger volume Great Controversy. “Yes I want to read the history part as well” she replied, and I tucked Great Hope back into my bag. We shared a prayer, and a hug, and promised to return for a cuppa and with some DVDs for Simon in a few weeks when their first delivery is ready.

Next House

At the home next door I met Bob … a kind and confident man in his mid 40s, from another culture, separated recently and yet strong in spirit after having lost over 40kgs of weight in the past year. Chatting in the driveway for just 15 minutes, Bob shared what he is doing for his ill uncle, and the family challenges, running his own business and his care for his boys. We touched on his Orthodox faith and his trust in God, and Bob made a comment about so many bad things happening … I pulled out that same copy of Great Hope, and also offered him a choice of Step Beyond or Signs. “No, I want that first book, Great Hope” said Bob, responding with a generous donation. “You were meant to be here today … you are doing a tremendous work!”

I parted with a smile – “Keep your faith & have a good read Bob.” I plan to return in a month or so and say hello again, and will pray about who might best accompany me to become a friend to Bob.