Sandra Wipiiti

Literature Evangelist Victorian Conference.

Atheist accepts Steps to Christ literature evangelists

I found myself sitting outside under a patio talking to a young man named Tom. The weather was awesome making the perfect setting for a new friendship with heavenly potential.

Looking at my shirt Tom picked up on the word Beyond and seeing the colour blue, Tom thought I was from Beyond Blue, the website to help people with Depression and Tom mentioned that we were doing an excellent Job to help with people with Mental Illness, from my side of the door I was not sure why he mentioned Mental illness but I went straight into my testimony of living with Bipolar for the last 13 years, I could see Tom Identified having challenges of his own with mental illness so I invited him out of his home and onto the patio for a chat he agreed and Praise God for that!

I went through the canvas and we had a wonderful chat about Tom and his life and health, I summoned up the courage to bring forth the bible as I uttered a silent prayer, this took the conversation on a spiritual direction and Tom told me he considered himself an atheist even though he had read the Bible and a Koran, and said he was open to the very slight possibility that there just might be something out there.
I was truly amazed that Tom read the bible, this really warmed my heart. As our time was drawing to an end I offered Tom a Signs magazine, Steps to Christ and a Great Controversy, he accepted the lot thank God for that!, I also canvassed the You-Turn health booklet for a donation, Tom popped back inside his home to get the donation he returned with crisp $50.00 bill and a thank you for doing a great Job, I humbly accepted the kind gift and shot a thank-you prayer to my God, Wow!

The close of my time with this young atheist was brought to and end with a special prayer to our God above. Even this small heavenly gesture left me in a state of wow again.

Thanks and many praise to Jesus for a desire to serve and to see God work in so many wonderful ways touching hearts and saving souls – Amen