Missionary work of the highest order…

Joe Paola

Literature Evangelist Team Leader
Victoria & Tasmanian Conference

Joe Paola

In Colporteur Ministry page 6 we are told that the canvassing work, properly conducted is missionary work of the highest order, and on page 8 it says that the importance of the work is fully equal to that of the ministry. Then on page 44 we have the words, “The intelligent, God-fearing, truth-loving canvasser should be respected; for he/she occupies a position equal to that of the gospel minister. What a privilege it is to serve our God as a Literature Evangelist, to place our books in homes, to pray with people, to listen to their story and point them to the One that loves them so much and is soon to return!!!

Mabior and his wife Akur graciously invited Paul and myself into their beautiful home (photo above). Mabior has a degree in criminology and sociology and is now studying law. After having presented our Bible Story, My Bible Friends collection he said, “Now I know why God delayed my leaving the home earlier this morning.” He loved our books, appreciated the visit and prayer, and gave us 4 referrals to other members of his family.

Melissa lost both her parents, her mother due to cancer in the last year. Still fresh in her mind, Melissa shared her story and we listened. Seeing the value of our Medicinal Plants, Healing Power of Foods and Family Bibleshe was not at all hesitant to purchase. Our large bible was of particular interest to her as it reminded her of her Sunday School days. Before leaving we prayed for Melissa and we sensed that the prayer had moved her heart.

Visiting with Kay, it wasn’t long before she poured out her hurt. Her husband fell in love with a younger lady and is now leaving for overseas. Holding back her emotions she calmly shared her sad story. We listened and at the appropriate time we gently turned her eyes to Christ as the One that can help her through her terrible time. Our visit with Kay came at the time she needed it most. Kay invested in our Bible books and a set of Doug Batchelor’s Prophecy Code.

Meeting with Gayle and Andrew for lunch was a blessing. We shared stories, encouraged each other and praised our God for the goodness that He bestows upon each one of us. Before heading back on the doors, we asked a council cleaner, who had just arrived at the perfect time – orchestrated by our God of course, to take our photo (see above). After a short chat the conversation opened up and he shared that at one time he nearly took his life with his shot gun. Sensing that he was open to God’s Spirit, we offered to pray for him. He accepted and we also left him a Steps to Christ, Signs magazine, Darkness before the Dawn and a small health book.

What a joy to serve in a ministry of the highest order!!

Joe Paola