More positive than harsh words….

Paul Borg

Literature Evangelist Tasmanian Conference.

I Knocked on Jack’s door. I could see through the security door that he was on a ladder hammering something into the wall. I told him what my visit was about and he yelled out to his wife, “There is someone here to see you”. In quick time his wife came to the front and stepped outside, whilst Jack was still hammering away. His wife May was a pleasant and very talkative lady, one of those people that as soon as you meet them, it seems like you have known them for years. After five minutes or so, Jack came out and joined in the discussion. We talked for about fifteen minutes, actually May did most of the talking.
After realising that they were not going to purchase anything I demonstrated the small book, You Turn and Jack went inside and came out with a very good donation. May then went inside and I was able to get a word in with Jack.
We started speaking about the spiritual side of our work and Jack promptly told me he was a Master Freemason. He shared a little about his role as a Master Freemason and then I asked Jack, “Do Freemasons believe in God?” In reply he told me how he had a visit from a Christian lady who told him he was a Satanist and that is all that Freemasonry is about. I thought the words were a little hush and diplomatically I said, “Jack I have a wonderful book that describes all about church history. The book speaks about such men like Martin Luther, the reformation period, what the future holds etc etc. Jack you would really appreciate this book. Do you like to read?” Jack said that he loves to read and accepted the book with an open heart. As he flipped through the pages I could see that Jack was very interested in the topics it contained.
I left knowing that God would use the volume to touch Jacks heart. I was confident that the book would have more of a positive impact than harsh words telling him that he is a Satanist and that what he believes in is satanic. I praise God that His words through His book, The Great Controversy are more than able to convict the heart.