Joe Paola

Literature Evangelist Team Leader
Victoria & Tasmanian Conference

Joe Paola

The lead up to my first day of Literature Evangelism has been anything but dull, but praise the Lord I have a sense humour and hung on to the Lord’s hand ever so tightly!

In morning I woke early and a little weary as my young son was a little feverish the night before and I crawled into bed around 2am! I rose around 5:30am, made preparations, whisked my 3 youngest children off to my mother before meeting Joe at 8:00am.

My husband and my two eldest sons and I got acquainted with Joe and had worship before we set out.
It was wonderful to meet Joe and observe him working as an LE first hand! His people skills are amazing to watch, especially how he takes personal and genuine interest in everyone he meets; his listening skills are impeccable, except for remembering names.

While observing, it then occurred to me it was not just Joe, but he was being imbued by the Holy Spirit! I can imagine Jesus having the same impact and influence on those He met and more so!

One thing I will always remember Joe mentioning is asking Jesus to help him love people the way He does, and to remember that we are never alone. Another thing is to not harbour negative thoughts as they are like a disease! It reminded me of the bible verse Philippians 4:8 in which the Lord tells us to focus on the positive!

It was a real privilege to meet some lovely people. Little did they realize, they were unwittingly entertaining strangers, which is one thing God asks us to do!

Another thing which really impressed me was the way in which Joe steered the conversation and skilfully turned a negative into a positive and to look at an adversity from another angle.

One highlight was when we met Barry. What a story he had! He lived to tell the tale after a 35 tonne machine nearly crushed him. I’m sure the angel’s hands saved his dear life. Barry also shared how he had done quite a bit of work for SDAs over the years and rendered the old SDA church in Queen St. Our visit to his door was not mere chance. We invited him to one of our church programs and I will contact him shortly regarding our health workshops that we are running at our church. Before leaving we had prayer with him and it was lovely to hear him say amen!

My first day and time with Joe was very valuable and insightful. May the good Lord continue to bless Joe and myself as we continue the Lord’s work.

Wendy Orr
Literature Evangelist Tasmanian Conference.