Roger Webb

Literature Evangelist
Victorian Conference

Well, finally, the day came – no more excuses and no more delays. A reluctant, hesitant, insecure LE becomes a real LE and starts knocking on doors in Maryborough.

Day 1

The first day was full and time just flew. Joe did all the talking. I think I might have made one or two hesitant introductions. Basically, with Joe doing all the talking, the instructing and the selling, we did well that first day. I think we sold one whole set and two partial sets as well as collecting $30 in U Turn donations.

Day 2

The second day flew too. This time I made a concerted effort to make some intros and do some demos, while leaning heavily on Joe for help. I managed to sell $150 worth for cash sales with another $50 collected on the third day. Somehow though, we didn’t manage to make any sales that afternoon. That’s the way it goes, I guess.

Day 3

The third day I was with Matt. Every day had its “stories” but there is no space here. Let it simply be said that I was made aware of the deep need out there for a Christian under God’s leading to sit down and talk with the wounded and broken people of this world. If I didn’t already know that, I certainly know it now.
Sabbath highlight was when Jane (name changed for privacy reasons), turned up at church; the credit of course belongs to God and then to Matt.
There is so much more to share but I think you readers will all get the general idea.