My Heart Went Out to Here

Sylvia wall.

Literature Evangelist Victorian Conference.

Joe Paola

Sally’s (named changed) father had an extra lady relationship, resulting in 16 sisters and brothers. They lived in the outback and were all abused when they were young. At one time Human Services came over, but the Father said that Sally‘s bruises resulted from falling off her horse. Because of her father’s brutality they had to move often so he would not get caught.

When Sally was 10yrs old, after a horrible beating from her father, she went to a church for help. The minister looked at her with blood running down her face from a cut above the eye and a bruised neck from being choked by her father and said, “You have come to the Church without something over your head.” Sally was so shocked and felt so hurt, she ran and ran and ran. She never set foot in a church again. Can you blame her? She said, “No Church for me, I don’t believe.”

Sally had very little schooling, but still managed to teach herself to read. Today she loves to paint and showed me some of her work. Having been through so much hurt and pain, I could see the torture in her drawing and carvings.

During my visit she did say that she had read from the bible, but only because she likes the stories. I wanted so much to give her something that would give her hope, love and help her to see a future with the love of God.

I asked her if I could include her on my prayer list. She asked “what’s that?” I explained and she said “Yes”. I was so pleased.

I then asked her if she loves true stories and if she had seen the Movie Hacksaw Ridge. She knew a little about Desmond Doss, “Wasn’t he an atheist?

“Oh no was my reply.” He is a Seventh Day Adventist.

“Oh yes, I mean a contentious objector wasn’t he?”

Yes was my reply, but also a great man who stood for the right, love and compassion and a lot more.

“Oh yes, I remember. He saved so many lives,” and she grabbed the book from me.

Knowing this would cover the gap that I was feeling on not being able to give other material because she had refused then, I knew this would be really good for her and in a form that she would enjoy.

I left her home, knowing that the book would give her hope for the future.

Sylvia wall.