LE Canvass

Quick Door “New Lifestyle” Canvass (revised August, 2016)

(revised: January, 2016)

Introduction and “ice-breaking” Conversation

Hi, how are you? My name is ____________. Our visit today is very brief. We are just doing a special HEALTH work in your community. It will only take a few minutes.
(Pause. Watch and listen for response. If silent or positive, continue. If negative, jump to TRIPLE PACK).

Let me show you one of our favourite books.

(Hand over Less Stress).
This is our Less Stress book. It offers excellent methods of dealing with stressful situations that can be very easily applied. It helps to explain the causes of stress, how to prevent it and the ultimate solution. On pages 102 and 103 the main stress factors throughout life are listed which means you can easily recognize some of the challenges your family may be facing and know what to do. Then on page 143 there are some special medicinal plants which either provide energy or help the body relax. And it even has excellent information on pages 47 – 49 to help combat DEPRESSION.

We have two other books in this set.
(Hand over Enjoy It).
Our Enjoy It book specializes in foods that can actually HEAL and PREVENT disease. On page 20 there is a special Lifestyle Test so you can honestly evaluate how healthy you are. Pages 65-93 list the best food sources for all your essential vitamins and minerals. Page 162 reveals the true secret to losing weight and there is even a chapter on the dangers of some of the more common foods people eat today.

(Hand over Diabetes).
Our Diabetes book contains PRACTICAL Information using many new NATURAL methods such as Phytotherapy and Hydrotherapy, as well as the standard treatments. On Page 11, you can easily evaluate your own risk of getting diabetes and page 43 reveals that fruit, even though high in sugar, is actually great for diabetics. There is even a chapter (beginning on page 106) about Herbal Teas, which offers simple answers to this complex disease.

The set explains WHY we should eat and live better, and Simple, Tasty, Good explains HOW.

(Hand over Simple, Tasty, Good).
This amazing Cook Book contains tasty Plant-based Recipes which are good for you and very simple to prepare. Each recipe has a FULL PAGE photo and the exact Nutritional Content per serve. This popular cook book even has low fat, guilt-free desserts!

Do you have any questions?

You can choose 3 from these 4 (Less Stress, Enjoy It, Diabetes and Simple, Tasty, Good) books for only $99. We leave the books with you today along with a receipt.


We believe in a HOLISTIC APPROACH to GOOD HEALTH which includes not only Physical and Mental, but also Spiritual. (or We believe in ‘all-round’ good health…a healthy body, mind and spirit)

(Hand over The Story Book). $15
The Story Book contains 17 true-to-life Character Building stories for kids. The author, Arthur Maxwell, is well known for his easy-to-read, catchy short stories. Page 5 highlights the values that these timeless classics cover. For only $15 these are hours well spent by any child.

(Hand over My Friend Jesus). $20
Written by a School Teacher, My Friend Jesus beautifully retells some of the most delightful stories about Jesus and how He is a Special Friend of children. The child will also discover how much God loves them and promises to always be with them.

(Hand over Peace above the Storm). $20
Peace Above the Storm is a special devotional book which is beautifully illustrated with inspiring stories and precious promises. It will help you to find true peace of mind and hope for the future.

(Hand over The Great Controversy). $10
The Great Controversy summarizes the last 2000 years of this worlds history from a unique eye-opening perspective and explains what this means for us today and the future of tomorrow. It covers history, mystery, crime and intrigue. It explains why there are so many different denominations, examines international moves to restrict freedom and the commonly misunderstood subject of death. It has been described as a book that should be in every home. For only $10, people have said that this is the most important book they have ever read.

(Hand over The Ministry of Healing). $10
Happiness is found in enjoying good health, isn’t it? The Ministry of Healing is a blueprint for re-discovering excellent physical, mental and spiritual health. It has chapters on how to deal with addictions, depression, health and family conflicts. In the chapter ‘Diet and Health’ on page 122, it explains why 2-3 meals a day are better than 6. Just like every new appliance has an instruction manual, this book looks at the requirements for the healthy functioning of our amazing body.

(Hand over The Desire of Ages). $10
This book follows the footsteps of a man who changed the course of history. His life was marked by amazing miracles, thought – provoking teachings, and the ultimate sacrifice. This book has the POWER to change your life forever, and in these pages you will meet Someone who can take you into paradise for eternity. It could be the most important book you will ever read.

Before Leaving Every Door, Canvass the ‘famous’ TRIPLE PACK.
As a ‘Thank-You’ for your time, we just have these little books here for you that we like to leave. (Take out the TRIPLE PACK from your bag, already stacked in the correct order).

(Show front cover). You-Turn covers the most common lifestyle diseases that Australian’s face such as High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease and so on. It has just short, easy to read chapters (flick through book) and it actually contains a lot of information that even our doctors don’t tell us!

(Show front cover). Happiness Digest is a little ‘pick-me-up’ book that will lift your spirits. We all want to be happy, don’t we? It helps people to deal with issues like forgiveness (flick through book and stop on page 22). Here’s a nice chapter called ‘How to Have Peace of Mind.’

(Show front cover). Darkness Before Dawn – Finding Hope for the Future answers questions like (show back cover), ‘Why are we here?’ and ‘What went wrong?’

(Hand over the TRIPLE PACK, look prospect in the eye and smile).
We just leave these little ones for a donation of any amount, maybe you can help out? Thank you.

Tips and Points to Remember.

A great introduction is best. ‘First impressions,’ like they say, mean much. Smile. Try to relax. Feel confident, Angels of God have been sent to go with you. You are there because of God’s calling. He has brought you this far, and He is always with you. He will help you to be a good representative of Him.

Before starting the canvass, make genuine compliments and ask open ended questions like “I love your garden. Who’s the gardener?” or “You have a lovely home. Who designed it?” Remember to listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit as He gives you ideas of where to start with each person, and what, if anything, to say as part of the ‘ice-breaker’ conversation. As soon as the person is ready for you to start canvassing, open with your introduction and send a silent prayer to heaven for help. Remember where your help comes from, so keep close to Him through prayer.

Make sure your lanyard is worn around your neck and your ID badge is clearly visible every time you approach a door. (The badge easily flips over. If you wish, you can put your old ID badge at the back of your new badge to avoid this problem).

Payment options for customers:
• Cash (carry one $20 note, two $10 notes and two $5 notes as a ‘float’ in your red ‘change wallet’).
• Cheque (made out to you, the Jump Start Literature Evangelist).
• Credit Card.

Need person’s best contact phone number, in case it doesn’t go through and you may need to get in touch with them to check something.
Full name as it appears on the card.
16 digit Credit Card number.
4 digit expiry date.
Last 3 digits (or it may be the only 3 digits) on the back of the card next to the signature panel.
Say something like this…
“My Team Leader, Andrew, will process the amount within 1-2 business days, and his name will appear on your bank statement.”
Read the receipt back to the customer so both you and they can spot any errors or omissions. Get the customer to sign the receipt. Leave the original receipt with the customer. Email me the details, or if you need them soon, please send me a text message with the details. When it’s successful, I will give you an Authority Code (which you can write on your yellow duplicate.) Please send me a copy of your duplicate by scanning and emailing me or photocopying it and posting it to me. Andrew Kochanski, Australian Jump Start Team Leader, 25 Davenport St, CLIFTON QLD 4361.
In rare cases, people can also choose to do a Direct Debit using Electronic Funds Transfer from their bank account straight into yours using internet banking (keep a copy of your Account Name, BSB and Account Number handy).

In Australia, the most you can sell at the door without a ‘cooling off period contract’ is $100.00 worth of books. The total amount of the sale needs to be less than $100.00 to avoid having to provide paperwork about a ‘cooling off period.’

This may seem obvious, but you will not sell a book that you do not show. So try to show / display as many books as the customer is happy for you to display. Usually if people say ‘yes’ to a health book, they will say ‘yes’ to a spiritual book.

If people have almost enough money to get a book, you can let them have it for cheaper. Everybody likes a bargain, don’t they? Be generous with your books, and God will be generous with you, making other people more generous with their donations. If people have a large note (say $50) and ask for change, politely show them another book which they can get as well (perhaps a spiritual book to compliment the health book that they may be keen on).

Try not to be the first one to walk away from the door. Be gentle and yet politely persistent. Let the customer turn away and leave the door first. Pay more attention to their body language rather than what words they use.

Try to meet up and work as often as you can with your Team Leader. This is great for motivation, and is a nice way to encourage one another. Perhaps you can work on one side of the street, and they on the other.

Please carry a suitable selection of books in your bag (see canvass). Having a wider variety will make your bag too heavy to carry, and may reduce your mission focus. Talk with your Team Leader if you have any questions about this.

Remember to offer prayer for people at the door if appropriate. You will know if it’s good to offer prayer for someone. This can be a really nice experience for a person who has been deeply touched by your visit. Make your prayers short, sweet and simple.

If the canvass, or conversation ‘stalls’ you can ask the prospect an open ended question, such as, “What kind of books do you like to read?”

Remember, the Holy Spirit will be your ultimate teacher.

Hope this has been helpful.
Your fellow servant,