New to Church

Joe Paola

Literature Evangelist Team Leader
Victoria & Tasmanian Conference

Joe Paola

Last Sabbath I had the privilege of preaching in the Glenorchy SDA church. After the sermon, church member Edward approached me and said that he wanted to introduce me to a lovely young family. Little did I know the enormous blessing I was about to receive!!

At our last outreach in Hobart I met a young man by the name of Peter at the door that showed interest in the bible. I recorded his details and added him to the list of people that would be followed up by our Pastors/church members. Peter was faithfully visited by Edward and a connection was developed.

Edward latter introduced the Rahamani family who speak the Swahili language. They too developed a good connection. With God’s Spirit moving on Peter’s heart, he shared all that was happening with his younger brother Ezekiel and his wife Lily.

Both families are now attending church with Ezekiel and Lily also having bible studies with Pr David Leo. Praise our God!!!

Speaking with Ezekiel on Sabbath he shared how Edward has done so much to encourage and uplift him and his family.

Joe Paola