Now I Have Hope

Sandra Wipiiti
Literature Evangelist Victorian Conference.
Joe Paola

God’s Holy Spirit was poured out in so many amazing ways. It’s kind of feeling like John 21:25 “Jesus did many other things. If they were all written down, I suppose the whole world cold not contain the books that would be written.” God is worthy of praise for His Love is poured out without measure.

After planning and implementing my first ever concert for my LE contacts, I cooperated with God and stepped out in faith, the result was an outpouring of God’s Spirit upon my home that blessed with incredible abundance.

I would like to share one story that stood out to me and touched my heart.

His name is Shane and I met Shane at Barry’s house while Barry was fixing the light on my car. I felt impressed to visit Barry a few days before. He was not interested in the books but it was a good catching up considering Barry used to attend my church. Barry also indicated that he had an interest in Public Address systems and he had speakers and equipment throughout the house. He was kind enough to offer to fix my car and when I took the car back to him to fix the light, I met his friend Shane. Shane was nice to chat too but in his hand was a big cup of alcohol and he was quite intoxicated.

After Barry fixed my car, which I most appreciated, I told him about my plans to have a concert in my home and how I would need a PA system. Barry was very happy to help and Shane asked what I was doing?  I told him I would be holding a Christian concert at my home and I was quite surprised when he simply asked if he could come. I felt impressed to say yes, “but if you play up, the little old ladies that would be coming will beat you senseless!” To my surprise Shane started crying. He said, “No one has ever invited me to anything before in my life.” I made a mental note of his tears.

A few weeks later I had prepared the invitations and I went to drop them off at Barry and Shane’s homes. Barry kindly pointed out where Shane lived. Knocking at the door, I came across Shane’s mother and asked if I could talk to Shane. Yep he was drunk again, but I reintroduced myself and he remembered me. I told him that I had his invitation and I handed it to him. He opened it up and I read it to him. He started crying again saying that no one had ever invited him to anything. I gave him a hug and headed back to Barry’s…  touched once again by Shane’s emotional response.

The day before the concert Barry brought over his equipment to set up and told me that he would not bring Shane if he was drunk! To be honest, I didn’t mind, but I prayed to God that somehow he would make it to the concert.

Concert day, God heard my prayers when a very sober Shane showed up. My heart jumped for joy to see his face. I watch him in the crowd. He was full of smiles and happiness which was a real thrill to see amongst the many other miracles happening before my eyes.

At the end of my first ever successful evangelistic campaign with the majority of non churched guests accepting Christ as their saviour, I went to farewell Shane and Barry. Barry did a wonderful Job on the PA and  I asked Shane, “what did you think of the concert?” With a big smile on his face Shane simply said, “Now I have hope.” Touched by his words, now it was my turn to get all emotional…

Thank-you God for the gifts and talents that we can use to your glory. Thank-you for a drunk who needed hope and the Bible studies he has decided to undertake. Thank-you for the literature that was purchased and for the literature that we gave freely. Life is truly in the power of His Word! And thank-you for an amazing team of churched and unchurched volunteers who gave of themselves to reach out to others and share the love of Jesus with the least of his children. God was with us… Love lifted us… and our lives will never ever be the same!