Paul Borg

Literature Evangelist Tasmanian Conference.

Joe Paola

On the doors with a church member

Church member William wanted to come out on the doors with me. We had a great day canvassing and the Lord blessed us with souls that were willing to listen.

Karen, who was babysitting her granddaughter, invited us in. I canvassed our books and we got to talking about several different health topics when eventually I steered the conversation onto the spiritual side of our work. Karen was very happy to discuss this as she grew up with a Christian faith, however, as a result of her university studies on Philosophy and aspects of many other religions, she decided to give up her Christian beliefs.

We spoke at length about her previous faith and her new-found concepts. Seeing that Karen was interested in Church and Church history, I canvassed the book The Great Controversy and explained that it covers many of the issues and topics that we have just discussed. It fitted in perfectly. I showed her the chapters of the book, flicking through about the reformers, the Bible and the French revolution, liberty of conscious, modern rivals, etc. Karen was so happy to receive the book and we were able to pray with her before leaving.

We latter met John, an 83 year old man. I perceived from the start that he didn’t have much interest in our health work and so I asked him if he was interested in our other line of work – the emotional, psychological or spiritual aspect. John then told us that he had a strong faith when he was young, but then left his faith when he joined the army at about the age of 22yrs. He said that he did not want to go down the Christian pathway anymore. William and I talked to him about our faith and that the God of Grace wanted to get him back to his childhood faith. We shared and talked about the love of Christ for him. I pulled out the book, Steps to Christ and showed him the chapters on Christ’s love for us, our need of Christ and the chapter on repentance. John accepted the book and my heart rejoiced in the fact that God had used William and I to place in his hands a book that has brought so many people into a relationship with God.

Trevor was standing in his garden working on a wooden box. After some small chit chat we went into his man cave to talk about the work that we were doing. The conversation quickly turned to the spiritual and Trevor told us about the book he had just written on the topics of spiritual gifts. We listened intently and discussed back and forth the meaning of spiritual gifts. At this time his wife came home and started to hurry Trevor up for lunch. We chatted a little more and then I canvassed the book Story of Redemption which William happened to give me in the morning. God knew in advance that Trevor needed this book. Trevor gladly accepted and gave us a generous donation for the work that we were doing.

Three precious message books went into the homes this morning! We thank our God that we had the opportunity to share our faith and the love of God and His Son Jesus.

“The canvassing work, properly conducted, is missionary work of the highest order, and it is as good and successful a method as can be employed for placing before the people the important truths of this time… thus the message will go where the living preacher cannot go, and the attention of many will be called to the important events connected with the closing scenes of this world’s history”. CM 6