On the grass under a tree…

Joe Paola

Literature Evangelist Team Leader
Victoria & Tasmanian Conference

Joe Paola

Melbourne’s temperature today reached 40 degrees, and what a comfortable relaxing place it was sitting under a shady tree on the front lawn of one of my customer’s home. I hadn’t seen Tania* for a while and decided to call in and say hello. Tania over the years has purchased many of our books and has much respect for the work we as a church do visiting people door to door.

After a few moments a car pulled up in the driveway and I was introduced to her friend Jane. It wasn’t long before Jane opened up and began sharing some of her family issues and how her relationship with her mother is not going well. I listened and shared words of encouragement to help bring healing as God’s Spirit was moving among us.

As a young child, Jane had read our Bible Story books by Arthur Maxwell and still has one of them today. I went back to my car and brought over our large Family bible and began to show her and quoted the price. Jane could not believe how reasonably priced it is and did not hesitate to purchase. Before leaving I left a Signs magazine with Tania and a Great Controversy for Jane, prayed for both families, particularly asking God that He would help to restore unity in Jane’s family.

The whole experience was orchestrated by God. To have Jane arriving at the time that I was visiting with Tania was not by chance. God had planned it to be that way and Jane is now another one of God’s precious souls that I will regularly visit.

Briefly I would like to share another short experience that I had latter in the afternoon. God again planned the visit, but this time in a home with 4 young men that were taking drugs. I must say that at one time I did feel a little uncomfortable, but deep inside I knew that God is with us to protect, and uses us as His vessels. After about a half an hour of discussion and with God’s Spirit moving, all 4 joined with me with heads bowed as I prayed for each one of them!