Only God Knows, Only God Can

Joe Paola

Literature Evangelist Team Leader Vic/Tas Conferences.


Joe Paola

How rewarding it is to serve our soon coming Jesus! To mingle amongst our community, waiting for that God moment that will open the way for another soul to receive the good news of salvation…and what a thrill it is to be used as God’s vessel, to minister to people and bring hope and encouragement to their home.

I love the words in Colporteur Ministry page 41, “In thus coming close to the people you will often find those who are sick and discouraged. If you are pressing close to the side of Christ, wearing His yoke, you will daily learn of Him how to carry messages of peace and comfort to the sorrowing and disappointed, the sad and broken-hearted.”

As Literature Evangelists, many of those discouraged and disappointed people that we meet on the doors once fellowshipped with us and are no longer attending church. A few months back I was working with Anna Shlegel and God orchestrated a meeting with such a couple. We were graciously invited into their home and as we sat we sensed the Holy Spirit steering our visit and conversation in the direction that it should go.

Just recently I received an email from Anna, “Belinda and Gary (names changed), the ex-Adventists are coming to our church ever more regularly.  She confessed last week, while I home visited, that 2 days before you and I arrived at their doorstep, they were musing how good it would be if there was a church closer than (——–) where they attended occasionally.  She said our arrival was an answer to prayer as was the address I gave her to our church. They seem to enjoy our Sabbath School and stay for church more and more often…..”

Only our God knows the number people that for various reasons are no longer fellowshipping with us, and there are probably hundreds in our conference alone. May we be ever open to the opportunities that our Lord gives us to patiently and lovingly win them back.

Joe Paola