Joe Paola

Literature Evangelist Team Leader
Victoria & Tasmania Conference

literature evangelist south pacific division

To further find contacts for the Point Cook Seventh Day Adventist church, ministers Danijela and Nick Trajkov invited a team of 5 Literature Evangelists to knock on the doors of the surrounding area. The Werribee SDA church was our base and place of accommodation, and with tremendous support from faithful praying church members, we were set for an amazing few days of ministry. $527 worth of sales, 532 pieces of free literature given out, we prayed in 20 homes, had 4 bibles studies, 1 enrolment in our correspondence course and 31 people accepted to watch the Beyond DVDs.

Patrick* was trying to sleep after his night shift work, but Peter Smith’s knock on his door disturbed him. They talked about his already significant health changes that he’d achieved and when Peter showed him the Beyond the Search DVDs, he instantly recognised the It Is Written logo. He had listened to the program under George Vanderman, and the closing statement had stuck with him over the years – “Man shall not live by bread alone but . . . . . “ – Matt 4:4 Patrick accepted the DVD and they prayed together before departing.

Sharee a young mum with three children declined to invite Geoff Wall inside. “The rings in her nose and lips made me recognise a young woman who desired to make a statement, and make a statement she did!” – Geoff
Sharee said that she is investigating all lifestyles and religions. She spoke about philosophy, theology and different cultures. Geoff’s silent prayer to God was for a way to the heart of this delightfully intriguing woman. Geoff showed her the book, Today Tomorrow and you, and her response was, “I want to read that book.”
Sharee also purchased the Great Controversy, Steps to Christ and accepted to watch the Beyond DVD.

Mary is a very bright, intelligent and very spiritual lady that has travelled to many countries. She shared 2 stories of how God protected her from death. Once while at home, the balcony that she was standing on gave way and she fell. She was seriously injured but survived the fall. The other time was when she was in Japan, at the time of that devastating tsunami. She was to be in the path of the tsunami, but God worked out circumstances and she ended up in another area. She would have certainly died. Once again God saved her life. When the Beyond DVDs were presented, she was happy to accept to view them.

Sandy Wallis followed John slowly along the hallway, as he led with his walker. John had been struck with a mysterious spinal column infection 8 years ago that crippled him; recovery is slow and plagued with other complications. John shared that his faith is weak and he would like to increase his love for God; he shared that his wife reads the Bible regularly. We praise God that John accepted to purchase Today, Tomorrow & You for himself, and was very happy to receive the Beyond DVDs.

Thank you God for walking with your LEs as we partnered with the Point Cook/Werribee Churches.

Joe Paola Literature Evangelist Team Leader Victoria & Tasmania Conference.
*All contact names changed