Pop-up bookstore in Sunbury Square Shopping Centre

Sylvia & Geoff Wall

Literature Evangelists Victorian Conference.

Joe Paola

Geoff and I were excited when our first customer, a lovely Christian grandmother, came up to our book display and purchased our Good man SamMoose book – promising that if her grandchild likes the book, she will purchase the rest of the set!

Then along came Betty. Looking at our books she said that they have a grandson with additional needs.  I replied, “I have just the right book for you.” She too purchased a Moose book. I have since had a call from her that she wants more of our Moose stories.

During our lunch break we also made a great contact with a person from a new 3 storey library that is being built in Sunbury and is soon to open. This person was discussing with us the activities for the public that they want to include in their new facility. She agreed on a morning for us to do a presentation of our books. What a thrill! What an answer to prayer!

Geoff was talking to a young mum with two children in a stroller. She opened up and shared how she is of the Catholic faith. Geoff promoted our 3 volume Tiny Tots Library. Thrilled with the books she did not hesitate to take out her purse, “I want these!!”

So, with new contacts made and some follow ups to be done, a great day was had by all. We also do look forward to be referred to others in their circle of friends.

We have booked a site at 6 other shopping centres, one each month and we are so excited to be involved in the Lord’s work. We love our work and with a prayer on our lips, we will always to do His will.

Sylvia & Geoff Wall