Post Literature Evangelist Summit Stories

Anna Schlegel

Literature Evangelist Victorian Conference

Joe Paola

What an inspirational LE Summit we have just experienced! Hard to walk away from such a gathering untouched. I just wanted to distribute more literature and purposed in my heart to give away all the Signsthat would fit in my handbag and a copy of Desire of Agesgifted to each of us on the way home.

After a long day it seemed awfully difficult to engage strangers at the airport so I did the next best thing and left the magazine on my seat as I left, and another on the plane. My husband who never really tried this sort of thing asked for a magazine at the next airport. He advised me he “lost it” as we left. We “lost” another copy at the laptop docking station and several others on the way to Melbourne. Prayer was said over each one that the right hands may find it. I was still waiting to be impressed about a recipient for the Desire of Ages.

On our way to the bus pick up, the right bus stopped directly in front of us. The driver told us to continue walking to pick up point and then changed his mind. In the bus he told us he shouldn’t have stopped where he did. The lady he was transporting urgently needed to catch her plane and is was the closest possible point – daughter in childbirth – complications – he knew what that was like. He treated all other passengers ever so graciously.

“Troy” I said, “I’ve been praying that God shows me the right person with whom to share this book and I believe it is you.  It is one of the most beautiful books on the life of Jesus.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure. I trust it will be a blessing to you and your family.”

“I promise I will read it,” he replied, holding the book to his chest.

Today on the doors Signsmagazines were very popular. Why? Because by the grace of God, people’s hearts were receptive to these. Heather was in her front yard hosing down the car. She didn’t invite me in but was friendly enough. She wanted to give up smoking and eventually purchased a You Turn booklet. Out of the blue she says, “You know, I used to enjoy reading the Watchtower magazines.”

“Well guess what! I have the number one selling Christian lifestyle magazine in Australia,” I offered eagerly. “And here’s five to choose from”.

She took the magazine about euthanasia. Having worked in aged care this topic was of interest to her. Guess who will be standing on her doorstep with another copy next month? Pakenham Church has another contact to befriend and to meet her where she’s at. God is so good.

Anna Schlegel