Collette Brown

Literature Evangelist
South New Zealand Conference

Russell was commenting on my accidents and said, “It is so unreal that out of all those hundreds at the airport that lass had to collapse on you”. I told him it was a spiritual warfare. Because I am connecting with so many people, the devil wants me out of the way, but God hasn’t finished with me yet.
I then told him about George in Alice Springs. He was off work, hadn’t been well, so was looking for a new job. He had no cash so couldn’t even get the You Turn booklet. I signed him up for the DVD and said I would be back on Saturday to introduce him to the person who would be following up. I told him I also was seeing a neighbour on Friday so would pop in to see if he had any money then. Before I left I prayed for him that he would get a job, one that he would enjoy doing.
Friday I went back and his first comment was, “What are you doing here now, you should be here tomorrow?” I reminded him about the book, and he put me on to his wife, as he followed us into the house. She was interested and I also pulled out Peace Above the Storm. They loved it and decided to give me a bigger donation, so I also gave them the diabetic book as his wife also has diabetes, not under control!!


It was then that he said to me, “When you were here you prayed for me and I believed your prayer. Within 10 minutes of you praying the phone rang, an offer for a job, just what I wanted! Today I am going for the interview and before you leave, please can you pray for me again!” Of course I said “Yes!” I told him I would be walking out on air, what an amazing God we worship! I prayed for peace for him, and for honesty to shine out of his eyes when he went for the interview.

And again?

I was telling my osteo this, and he said, “I have to have a very delicate work meeting tonight. Would you pray specifically for me”. I did and he said after, “That was just what I needed”. He booked me in his tea break tomorrow so I can find out how the meeting went!!