Rejoicing with the Angels

Sandy Beach

Victorian Conference

Joe Paola

Praise God! It was a wonderful privilege to witness the baptism of my customer and now friend Peter.

Initially I met him and a friend at church where I offered to visit and canvass our books, Peter purchased the family Bible and I noted his keen interest to learn more about the bible. Peter Just loves to talk about Jesus and I have enjoyed many occasions and many hours doing just that. So when my Pastor, Vikram Panchal informed me that Pete would be getting baptised I rejoiced with the angels as I sent praises and thank-yous heavens way.

I watched as Pete went down to his watery grave cleansing his sins away only to rise up a dripping wet newborn babe in Jesus (Amen). Words cannot describe the happiness in my heart to be able to say such words. It is an honour to be a part of a soul rescue mission, where Jesus is in charge and relentless in his pursuit for souls. It is His desire that not one would be lost.

Lord Jesus, please be with Pete and may his love for you and your word not fade but  grow each and every day. May the Spirit of God prepare him and seal him for heaven above.

All glory to God,

Sandy Beach