LE Canvass

Family Lifestyle Series Canvass

(revised: May, 2016)

Introduction and “ice-breaking” Conversation

Hi/Hello, how are you?
(Bridge-build initially if prospect allows)
Example: Wow, who is the expert that produced this amazing garden!?
My name is ______________________________ (Point to ID Badge).
(If prospect asks where are you from, who are you etc?)
Reply: I’m a registered independent distributor of Home Health Education Service media.
I’m just doing a special health work in your community.
My visit is only brief but it is important and I am wondering if I could just have the courtesy of a few minutes of your time.
(Motion with your hand, lean forward and expect to be invited in)


Thank you for your time, sorry I didn’t ask your name?
(Bridge build as you enter home)
Example: That’s a lovely picture of the family, when was that taken?
(Respond with interest to their answers and compliment and ask further questions)
As I mentioned I can’t spend too long in each home, but where would you like to sit while I show you through the folder?
(Indicate a suitable chair)

Prospectus Folder

(As you open the prospectus)
Mrs/Mr Prospect, my visit is only brief and I am happy to leave any time you like.
Page 1
As I mentioned, my visit is in the interest of good health.
Pages 2-3
And regardless of what we do in life there is nothing more important than a happy, healthy lifestyle, is there Mrs/Mr Prospect?
Pages 4-5
However, the statistics reveal that we are facing many challenging health issues such as:
• Cancer kills 3 in 10 people
• 28% of Australians have arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions
• About 2.3 million people suffer asthma
• Cardiovascular disease (CVD) accounts for more than 30% of all deaths
• 23% of children aged 5-14 are overweight or obese
• 1 in 10 deaths are related to diabetes
• 45% of Australians suffer depression and anxiety
• 7 people commit suicide every day

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) 2008 – 2015
Beyond Blue Website 2015

Mrs/Mr Prospect, what do you think we can do to help lower these figures and protect our families from these problems?

Pages 6-7
Whether we realise it or not, there is a potential health problem in every home, isn’t there?
Which of these would be a concern for you and your family?
Is there anything else?
Mrs/Mr Prospect I am sure we can help you with those concerns.
Pages 8-9
Health professionals are saying that lifestyle choices are important. They say, that prevention at home rather than treatment in the hospital is the answer, isn’t it?
Pages 10-11
And because improving your lifestyle is based on knowledge, not guesswork, we have enlisted the services of Doctor James Wright; a well known celebrity doctor and prominent health advocate. He has consulted with more than 50 medical specialists to prepare and update his latest health and medical resource,
Pages 12
The Family Lifestyle series, have you seen these books before?
Pages 13
These have been especially prepared to meet the needs of all ages, which you will find a far more reliable resource than some of the unverified information on the internet.
Pages 14 -15
Now you will notice this series covers many vital topics.
Which of these would be of most interest to you, that you would like to know more about?
O.K, so let me show you the books.
(Display books and pick up appropriate volume)
The Books
Doctor Wright says that he had three main objectives while preparing these resources. They should be easy to read, easy to use and easy to understand.
So with these books you can be assured that you’ll find the important information you need, which will help you when co-operating with your doctor, and you will also be confident that you are taking the correct action, won’t you?

Trial Close:

Mrs/Mr Prospect, can you see how information like this could be important to have?
(Now only canvass the topics that the prospect chose)
Parenting Volumes.
Volume 1(Pregnancy/Family Relationships)
Page 87
Did you know that 1 in 2 marriages in Australia now end in divorce and so here is a very helpful chapter on “Why Marriages and Partnerships fail” which provides valuable information to help keep families together.
Page 166
Then Doctor Wright explains the value of a vegetarian lifestyle during pregnancy and the fallacy that an expectant mother should eat for two.
Page 229
This chapter provides common-sense advice for mums, especially dealing with stress, sleep and nutrition as they arrive home with their new baby, which will help mums feel much more at ease.
Page 251
Here Doctor Wright explains that breast milk is best for babies and that cow’s milk is also good for babies if they’re baby cows!
Volume 2 (Childhood Disease/Hyperactivity/Respiratory Problems)
Pages 28-30

By the way, how many mums or dads would know the difference between ordinary measles and German measles? Doctor Wright explains things very simply and also tells you what you can do to avoid the dangerous complications that can occur.
Page 77
Here we find that asthma is considered one of the most common conditions of significance that brings a child to a doctor, so there are six pages dedicated to explaining asthma in detail and how to help it.

Page 224
In this chapter, Doctor Wright explains how to help the emotional problems that children might experience that many other medical publications don’t deal with, such as aggressive behaviour, autism, bed- wetting, hyperactivity and learning difficulties.

Trial Close:

Mrs/Mr Prospect, can you see how helpful it would be to have this information in the home?
Feel free to have a look through. (Hand over Parenting books)
Medical Volumes.
Volume 3 (Heart Problems/First Aid/Cancer)
Page 31

The first 101 pages of this volume focus on the heart and how to avoid heart attacks. Here in this box you can work out your heart score and so determine your level of risk.
Page 40
Let me ask you a question: If someone close to you had a heart attack, would you recognise it and know what to do?
Page 264
You will notice that this volume has been prepared with a special emergency section, coloured red for easy identification. Symptoms and treatment for “Heart Attack” is on page 307.
Mrs/Mr Prospect, from the list (page 264), apart from heart attack, which emergency would you most fear happening in the home?
(Hand over the book and help them to look it up)
This important information could help you act quickly and maybe even save a life, perhaps of someone you love, couldn’t it?
Page 218
This chapter explains the importance of a healthy digestive system and that about a quarter of all cancers are related to the digestive tract. So by increasing fibre, like raw fruit and vegetables we can minimise our risk, can’t we?
Volume 4 (Depression/Diabetes/Cancer)
Page 89
On this page dealing with depression, Doctor Wright says “Although simple herbals such as St John’s Wort may be used in very mild cases, more severe symptoms require a doctor.”
Page 169
Here is a special chapter for men only dealing with prostate issues and the relative commonality of prostate cancer among men over 50.

Page 227
Diabetes is a disease meaning sweet urine, in short, sugar in the urine due to a lack of insulin. The different types of diabetes are explained as well as the serious life threatening complications and how it can be easily managed and become not so debilitating.
Page 238
This special section is all about women’s issues including breast cancer on page 296.
Volume 5 (Arthritis/Home Treatments/Obesity/Nutrition)
As we look at this last volume you will notice how well these practical books are illustrated which means that they would be really helpful as an educational aid, especially school projects, wouldn’t they?
Page 162
These pages show some important exercises to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Doctor Wright says “Move it or lose it”.
Page 180
This excellent section on home treatments shows us where to get all our essential vitamins and minerals, how to sleep at night, hydrotherapy and massage treatments all without any drug-related side effects.
Page 237
Doctor Wright has also dedicated a chapter to losing weight with a seven- step treatment plan.
Trial Close: In your opinion, Mrs/Mr Prospect, do you feel you could use this information in the home?
Feel free to have a look through. (Hand over Medical books)
Now we have just looked at mainly the physical aspect of good health, but there is another important part the psychological or spiritual. So we also include this helpful volume entitled ‘Today, Tomorrow and You’. (Stress/Stop Smoking)
It is written by the very well- known, “Uncle” Arthur Maxwell who also wrote bedtime and Bible stories for children.
Page 85
So many of us are stressed and worried, aren’t we? In this chapter you will find the secret to true peace of mind.
Pages 194-195
In this section written by Doctor McFarland, he provides a 10- step plan to give up smoking- which really does work!
There are also many more helpful chapters such as: Everlasting Friend, Marriage Can Be Happy, Seven Secrets to Child Training, Why So Much Suffering, What Happens When Someone Dies and Prophecies That Came True.
Arthur Maxwell has taken all the answers from the standard family Bible which means it is based on good morals, and that’s what we all want for our families, isn’t it?
(Put down TTY and pick up the Prospectus)

The Close

Medical authorities, many nurses and thousands of families are already enjoying the outstanding advantages of this series which include: easy to understand language; lifesaving information in minutes; saving money by giving simple methods to relieve suffering at home: practical advice for raising children and peace of mind and hope for the future.
Mrs/Mr Prospect, I can see you really appreciate this material, what do you like about them the most?

Trial Close:

Mrs/Mr Prospect, how do you feel about what we have discussed so far?
Do you have any questions?
You are probably wondering how much they are?
Well, that is another pleasing feature. Some people would expect that a quality hardcover medical series would be close to $1000 but you will be pleased to know the complete series of six volumes is only $________ which also includes a complimentary gift.
Mrs/Mr Prospect you can have them in your home today for cash, cheque, credit card or you can use the easy- Investment Plan.
Let me show you how the easy- Investment Plan works:
The bank does it all for you by direct debit with no interest and no deposit. The payments can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly and the instalments can be suited to your budget. For example: most people are happy with $30.00 a fortnight.
The volumes are delivered progressively as you pay for them.
Mrs/Mr Prospect, if you were to invest in these today, which would be most suitable for you?
Cash, cheque, credit card or the easy- Investment Plan?
(Remain silent until prospect responds, if positive)
O.K, so you would be happy with that? (If Yes)
Alright, let’s get a few details? (Take out Purchase Agreement Pad and start filling it in)

The Confirmation

You’ve made a very wise decision, Mrs/Mr Prospect. I am sure that you and your family will be benefited for many years from these books and I look forward to seeing you again soon when I deliver your first volume with your free gift. Congratulations!

Ask for Referrals

Now just before I leave I am wondering, who else (show referral jogger page) can you think of that would also appreciate having a look at these excellent books?
(Record details such as: Name, address, phone, family, work etc)