Emotional and Psychological
Health Party Theme

Suggestions and ideas for presenting this party theme

Doctor Darren Morton’s DVD in the back of the “Live More Active” book is a great choice to play at this party. Play the first part where Dr Morton talks about emotional and psychological health.

Pictured below are suggestions as to what books to present for The emotional & psychological health party.

Suggestions for inexpensive include: Fruit, vegetable and herb treatments, healthy recipes for emotional & psychological health on printed on bright coloured paper with taste testing opportunities.

Every guest can also be given a Happiness Digest or a Living in The Sunlight booklet, just for turning up. Post cards, book marks are also a great idea for gifts. It is important to keep this party Happy with lots of fun games and activities.

This party theme can be partnered with Naturopathic & Complementary Healing if you wish.

Powerpoint presentation file

Party Game Ideas

In Every theme There are selling Questions (Frog Questions) These will help you sell the books as well as involve your guest. You can put the questions in the frog and throw around like pass the parcel. When the music stops the one who has the frog unzips and pull out a question. This is great for presenters just starting out as the Frog Questions will help sell their books for them. If you chose to use party “guest money” instead of gifts, at the end of the party the one who has the most money gets to pick out of the gift box first.

Party Theme Photos