Parenting and Relationship Development
Party Theme

Suggestions and ideas for presenting this party theme

Put Happy Families DVD on the screen. Just let it play music. Don’t play the DVD though. Guest will be curious about the DVD and often will buy it.

Pictured below are some suggestions of what books to present for the Parenting & Relationship Development Theme. There are many books in this Theme Party. Each time you hold a party try different book options such as “My Bible Friends’ or ‘Tiny Tots Library”.

Providing gifts for those attending your party are a great token of appreciation for attending. Here are some suggestions.

Taste test examples for healthy lunch box ideas. Print recipes on Bright coloured paper Balloons.

Windmills, love bugs, butterflies  and critters for children. These can be picked up from the Geographic shop.

Book marks. These help children enjoy their Amazing insect book and other books.

Sprinkle gift boxes with the following items; Signs magazines, (often church members will donate these for you) Choose to go with signs mags that support the Theme, Free Bible study course’s to Boost children’s Spiritual Intelligence, Parenting & Relationship Course and the Wellbeing Health Course, The Beyond DVD.

Powerpoint presentation file

Party Game Ideas

These icebreakers promote healthy Relationships

1 Ask everyone to pair up (with someone they don’t know preferably
Hand out paper and pens
Each person has to guess just by looking at each other, what their partners; favourite colour, favourite animal, favourite holiday destination, Birth month, favourite fruit, favourite meal and then, a question they would like to ask their partner.
Points are given for every right answer.
The person with the highest score receives something from the gift box.
(Sometimes we judge each other just on appearances)

2 Everyone receives some paper and writes their name on the top.
They then pass it to the next person.
Everyone will then write something nice about the person whose name is on the top of the paper and then pass it on.
This game changes people. Everyone in the room becomes much nicer.

Party Theme Photos