Physical and Spiritual Wellbeing Party Theme

Suggestions and ideas for presenting this party theme

Pictured below are suggestions as to what books to present for The Physical & Spiritual Wellbeing Party. There are also suggestions for gifts and give-a-way’s that are inexpensive. People love these ATSIM Postcards. Most people will pick “Jesus Coming” whether they are Christian or non Christian.

The Bible Story Colour book and Sticker book make great gifts, as do Signs Magazines, the Great Controversy and Beyond DVDs. The Christmas cards with a free study course inside are beautiful if you hold a party near the Christmas period. Often guests will ask if they can buy some for their friends.

Always remember to put other things in your gift box as well such as, quirky bright coloured trinkets, drink bottles, little bottles of Water, gym towels, gym bags for the host, sweat bands, skipping ropes and book marks.

Your party will be fun if you prepare food and offer taste tests. Most people live busy lives and don’t want to try new recipes in case they are not good. If they can come to your party and taste a dish and take that recipe home, they love it!

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Party Game Ideas

These icebreakers promote healthy Relationships

1. Sometimes you can buy bodies with all the body parts that you can pull out from stores such as Kmart. The Idea is to see which group can put all the body parts back in the least amount of time. This is a fun game for adults and children.

2. What is your Body IQ? Give everyone a Sheet with the body printed on it. Ask them to draw in where they think the heart would be and what shape it is. In the same way draw in the Lungs the Kidneys the Liver and the pancreas. Not a lot of people know where these things are in their body. This game is a great way to introduce Dr Jame’s Knights books.

Party Theme Photos