Eric Hoare

Literature Evangelist

To all Literature Evangelists,

I would like to thank all of the LEs and leaders who I have worked with over the last 30 years. I still remember how excited I was when Keith Sutton started me off in the Riccarton / Hornby area in Christchurch, NZ, all that time ago. I even remember the first house that the Lord lead me to, where I had my first sale. We had very little in the bank, my non-Adventist friends thought I was crazy going door to door and my relatives were worried that I would not be able to make a living but I knew God had called me to this very important work of sharing the Gospel and what a journey it has been. I am forever grateful to the many LEs that are my friends; Brian Curson, Matty, Allan Patterson, Sone Mariner, Joe Paola, Pat Downey, John Brereton, Clint Hollingsworth, Brenton Lowe, Collette Brown, Angela Croft plus many others too many to mention.. One Leader who was my Area Manager back in New Zealand that I have to mention tho was Ken Read. Years ago when I took the idea of the need of a Literature Evangelist computer program to him, Ken was instrumental in getting that program underway. It has lasted until this day where it will soon be replaced.

I have seen such great miracles such as baptisms, God's Leading in so many ways and so many wonderful experiences. The Lord sustained us financial over all these years only from the income from the Literature work and with a family of four, my family and I are truly thankful.

Two of my children Suzanne and Stefan also took up this work for a number of years and that was also a blessing. I thank my wife Eryn and our children supporting me in this Ministry.

I think of New Zealand, Western Australia, Melbourne and of course South Australia where I have served the Lord in this work. My heart warms as I think of all those to whom I went to the doors with and it has been my privilege to know you all.

To the Signs staff, especially Lo, thank you for your Ministry to me over the years.

To my current Team Leader Rita who works so hard thank you for all your support.

The Literature Ministry I will always hold in high regard and I have always said that God called me, not to serve the Publishing Department, but to serve the people we meet. I believe a successful Literature Evangelist is not proved successful by the amount of sales he/she has made but by the way he/she has treated the people the Holy Spirit has lead him to.

After much prayer and thought I have decided to finish my LE work at the end of this year and for the last year have only been doing resales with no door to door work.

I am now 67 years of age and am blessed to have all my four children plus the blessings of 8 grandchildren living in South Australia. I want to spend my time with them while my grannies are young and help them out where I can. In this work we give a lot of our attention to the people we meet and I feel it is now time to turn my ministry back fully to the  needs of my wonderful family.

God Bless

Eric Hoare