Sandy Wipiiti

Literature Evangelist
Victorian Conference

Today I decided to work down the old street that I lived on almost 7 years before; I was looking forward to visiting the property where I lived and the neighbours that still lived there.
I remembered seven years ago when I was young in my faith and as a victim of multiple instances of abuse I was finding it very difficult to connect with the Lord and people.
Many times I would feel that God was not there for me and the isolation was destroying me. I felt God could did not keep his promises as I struggled with a lonely empty life.

360o Turning Point

One day I had had enough and I was so angry with God I decided I would throw him out and the only way to do that would be to throwout his Word, and that meant his books. In my foolish rage I was throwing my books and my Bibles into the boot of my car to take them to the tip.
As I was doing this my neighbour, Kevin, happened to pass by. He said “What are you doing? Are you getting rid of your books?” Then he aked if he could have one. Now that stopped me in my tracks – here I am trying to throw out God but now I’m sharing God.
This made me realise there is more to these books than meets the eye. I stopped my foolishness, the books and Jesus made their way back into my home and into my heart.
Today Kevin was very happy to see me and invited me into his home where I demonstrated the books.
I reminded Kevin about the day he got that book from me and I asked where is it now? Kevin just reached over and picked up the book and said it is right here. I was amazed that after all this time he had kept the book so close by. I gave Kevin another book to read, The Great Hope, and I pray it will be a blessing to him.
I pray for Kevin, he helped to make me realise the power of literature and I pray the literature he has will lead him to know God.