Secrets to Optimal Physical and Spiritual Health

Wendy Orr

Literature Evangelist Tasmania Conference

Joe Paola

Sue* is a lovely lady with a lot of physical and emotion pain who lost her elderly mother not long ago. She was a live-in carer for her mother until she was physically unable to care for her any longer. Sue sustained back injuries due to heavy lifting whilst working in a bakery and also a gift shop on the Spirit of Tasmania in which she received compensation, but would much rather have her health back.

We presented our Abundant Living Series, which she liked, but was a little hesitant at first on purchasing the entire collection. Joe quickly picked up on the vibe and skirted around her by skilfully changing the topic in order that she did not feel pressured.
She was delighted with the encyclopaedias and the Bible brought tears to her eyes.

Her neighbour Ellen was also present, and may order them at a later date. Ellen quit smoking around 2-3 weeks ago, but is now addicted to Fantails. Sue has tried to quit a few times, but is finding it difficult. I suggested a healthier alternative and once my age was revealed and the number of children I have, they were ready to listen to anything I had to say!
They thought I was about half my age which was pretty funny! This has made me more determined to sell these books so others can share, discover and experience the secrets to optimal physical and spiritual health and longevity as my family and I have been able to enjoy.

A few evenings latter I went to see them to complete the direct debit paperwork for Sue’s order. I made her and Ellen a small sample of fruit-balls to share. We had a lovely chat and I plan to drop by again next week with another beyond DVD and maybe a few home grown vegies and yummy recipes!!!