Paul Borg

Literature Evangelist
Tasmanian Conference

Paul Borg literature evangelist

I Knocked on Ray’s door. “Come in,” he said from the couch he was sitting on. So inside I went.

Ray looks like one of those blokes you do not want to meet in a dark corner, but I soon discovered he was as gentle as a kitten and a great person to talk to.
What a sad story Ray told me. He lost one of his sons, who was aged 9yrs, when he was run down by a car in Wynyard quite a while ago. He told me how long it took to him recover from his sons death and that he did not think he would have to go through that experience again, however a few years back his teenage son was in a car accident. His son and 3 others died. Ray said it broke him. He left his job and took up drinking.

Ray told me he is just starting to get his life back together. To lose one son is hard enough to bear, but two! What a tragedy. I could not start to understand his grief.

We spoke about death, suffering and pain associated with losing a loved one so close to our hearts.

“Ray,” I said “I happen to have a DVD in my bag just on this very topic.” I took it out of my bag and canvassed the Beyond Death DVD. Ray was interested, “I would like to see that. I don’t like someone preaching at me but would appreciate the documentary style the DVD would offer.” He also said the he will be very interested and looking forward to looking at some of the other topics on the DVD list.

I offered him a prayer but he said he is not at that stage yet.
Through all the heartache of life that Ray has experienced, there is a God that cares enough to send someone to his door to give comfort at a time of great need.