Sandy Wallis

Literature Evangelist
Victorian Conference

Peaking through the door early in the morning, I met Jocelyn, a beautiful Sri Lankan grandmother in her pajamas.

She kindly welcomed me into her home, and I had a few quiet moments to reflect on her displays of Bible-based texts, as well as her Bible sitting nearby. She shared her heart-felt needs, and spoke openly of her faith in God to meet those needs.

Cautiously trusting me with details required for her purchase, our friendship grew with joy and appreciation for each other. Jocelyn is a faithful contributor to a local fellowship, praying for the healing of others; she accepted the Beyond the Search DVD as well as a gift copy of Happiness Digest (Steps to Christ). She explained that she had been praying in her room when I knocked, and felt that our health books were the answer to her earnest prayers.

Later in the morning

I was also privileged to meet with another faithful believer, Bruce, who testified to the healing he had received for his damaged knee.
Speaking of his vibrant faith in God, he clearly saw the struggle between good and evil in this world, and looked forward to a rapture with Jesus’ followers. Bruce was very happy to accept a Beyond the Search DVD as well as The Great Hope – a condensed version of The Great Controversy.
I pray that he will be drawn to the Biblical truths that this information will unfold.