Solomon Island & Vanuatu LE Summit

Joe Paola

Literature Evangelist Team Leader
Victoria & Tasmanian Conference

Joe Paola

“Just Jesus Leading Literature Ministry” was the theme of our LE Summit held in Honiara Solomon Islands September 11-16, 2018. Literature Evangelists from the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu came together to be inspired, encouraged and better equipped to serve in their calling as front-line workers for our soon coming Saviour.

After prayer and a special welcome by Eastern Province Area Manager Joshua Labuvolo, Mission President Pr Silent Tovosia preached an encouraging message for our opening meeting highlighting the value of Literature ministry.

During the week, main presenters Tony Wall, Associate Publishing Director/Island Coordinator, and Joe Paola Team Leader Victoria and Tasmania Conferences lectured on various topics to further train and develop skills to distribute our high-quality health and gospel literature throughout the Pacific Islands.

Sabbath morning, Pr Piuki Tasa, Area Manager Western Province gave a most enthusiastic and inspiring sermon reinforcing the importance of God’s ordained literature ministry.

Our time of instruction, fellowship, bible study, singing and sharing our LE experiences further united us as a team under the leadership of Jesus our Saviour.

Joe Paola.