Statistics do not reveal it all…

Anna Schlegel

Literature Evangelist Victorian Conference.


Joe Paola

Statistics do not always reflect the amazing things that happen in people’s homes.


One of my first contacts yesterday recognized me as his physiotherapist from a few years back. He said he had been thinking of me the day before. His back was in a bad way. We addressed this issue first and I pointed him in the right direction to access appropriate services.

We then discussed health and the books. His eyes lit up when he saw The Family Bible and decided to purchase it for his daughter, herself a pastor. He doesn’t go to church or read the Bible but believes God has become very real to Him as he’s grown older.

Only last week a young girl in the shopping centre turned to Ray and proclaimed to him: “Jesus loves you.” He concluded that my visit was no coincidence either.

We prayed, I gifted him Steps to Christ as it was his birthday. For an avid gardener the first sentence of SC must surely be of significance: “Nature and revelation alike testify of God’s love. Our Father in heaven is the source of life, of wisdom, and of joy.”

The joy of God’s leading just lingers for hours and days.

Anna Schlegel