Fanny Brotherson

Area Manager of the French Territories

Here is a picture of our LE’s Maire FOSSE with three new souls who got baptised on the 17/09/16 in her
Church in Avera. Maire FOSSE first contact was with Mrs VANNES Tirène who was a Protestant before, since one
year and a half now, she has been baptised.

Mrs VANNES Tirène, to thanks our heavenly father, she has build a new house for our church Pastor and his family.
She bought many bibles to offered to none SDA people who can’t afford and to all her friends.
She invited three of her friends to have a bible study with her church Pastor Hiro ITCHNER at Raiatea Island.
After one year of bible study, her three friends got baptised. God is working in a mighty way, Praise the Lord.