The Baptisms Continue

Thok Pal

Literature Evangelist

Joe Paola

When Literature Evangelist Thok Pal left Victoria and went to study at Avondale we certainly missed him. In his short 12 months of service as an LE in the Victorian Conference, Thok placed over $15,000 worth of Adventist literature into homes and had the joy of witnessing 5 baptisms. The literature that is now in those many homes is still ministering to people and the baptisms are still continuing.

Earlier this month two more of Thok’s contacts were baptised, Nyahok Kim and Nyamach Khat. “It was beautiful. On the Edithvale beach in front of the Sudanese members and beach goers. Celebration songs from the choir in their robes. A good witness!” – Pr Russell Puna.