The most beautiful phone call…

Sylvia Wall

Literature Evangelist Victorian Conference.

As Literature Evangelists, our work also involves placing our display books in doctors and dentists waiting rooms. Over the years many have been blessed by reading our books in the rooms and others have liked them so much that they have purchased them for their homes.

After 4 years of having our books in over 100 sites, I received the most beautiful phone call. It was from a little girl approximately 4 years old. The father asked, “Is this Sylvia?”

“Yes.” Was my reply.

“My daughter just wanted to ring to let you know you left your book in the doctor’s waiting room. It has your name in it.”

With a smile, I explained that the books are left in the surgeries for little girls and parents to read while they are waiting for their doctor.

“Oh.” he said. “She just wanted to let you know in case it was lost.”

I replied, “Please let your little girl know that I think she is so kind and so considerate, and I thank her so much for caring.”

I know the father must have swelled with pride over the thoughtfulness of his little girl.

The beautiful innocent children of our world…. Jesus said, “Come unto me.”

Sylvia Wall